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Anterior Quest | Amalgam Bucket Directions

Steps for storing & shipping dental amalgam waste for recycling

(Note: do not discard the box that your amalgam recycling bucket came in)

Step 1

Identify your initial date of use for your amalgam recycling bucket by writing it on the label located on top of the lid. (Federal Law states that an office my only store amalgam waste for 1 year)

Step 2

Open the locking top of the container by pressing on the red locking mechanism and turn counter clockwise.

Step 3

Use gloves to place your amalgam waste inside the plastic liner located inside your amalgam recycling container.

Step 4 (Per Two Operatory)

Once material is inside the plastic liner twist the top of the plastic liner to keep material inside.

Step 5

Close the container by placing the lid on the top of the bucket and turn clockwise until the lid is tight.

Step 6

Once the container is full, or you are approaching your one year deadline twist and tie the plastic liner inside the bucket so material is unable to fall out during transportation to the recycling facility. Turn the lid clockwise until tight.

Step 7

Place the container in the box it was originally shipped in and tape the box so the bucket is secured inside.

Step 8

Email for your pre-paid FedEx shipping label. Anterior Quest will email you your pre-paid shipping label shortly after.

Step 9

Give your FedEx driver your amalgam recycling box next time he stops by your office.

(Your pre-paid shipping label will be recognized for up to 3 weeks)

If a certificate for recycling is required please inform Anterior Quest by emailing and request having the certificate emailed to you