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Anterior Quest | Amalagam Bucket FAQ

The HG Containment Series can be attached to a wet or dry vacuum system.

  1. Inspect all equipment
    Pressure tank - Fluid level guage, needle valve
    Holding tank - Fluid level guage
    Pressure release valve “check valve”
    2 - 1” Threaded nipples
    1 - 1” Tee with threaded plug
    2 - 1” Pieces of pipe
    1 - 1” vent cap
  2. Locate the HG System near the vacuum pump
    Note: Make sure the Fluid level guages are in a visible location. (Fig. 1)
  3. Attach pressure tank (Fig. 2) to the Holding Tank. (Fig. 3)
    Note: Do not tighten the set screws until steps 5, 6, and 7 are completed.
  4. Assemble the pressure release valve (Fig. 4) to the pressure tank drain outlet. (Fig. 6)
    Note: Flow direction is away from pressure tank. At this time you will need to use one of the 1” threaded nipples to connect the drain outlet to the pressure release valve.
  5. Connect the pressure valve to the 1” tee. (Fig. 7)
  6. Connect the tee to the holding tank drain inlet. (Fig. 5)
    Note: You will need to use the 1” threaded nipple at this time.
  7. Locate the air vacuum line from the vaccum pump. (Fig. 9)
  8. Attach vacuum line (Fig. 9) to the pressure tank air outlet. (Fig. 10)
    Note: You may need to reduce the existing pipe size down
  9. Locate the return vacuum line from the chairs. (Fig. 11)
  10. Connect the return vacuum line to the pressure tank inlet. (Fig. 12)
  11. Attach the needle valve to the pressure tank. (Fig. 13)
    Note: Make sure the needle valve is slightly open to allow air in when sytem is turned off
  12. Locate the pump out outlet in the holding tank. (Fig. 14)
  13. Attach a 1” line to this outlet (Fig. 14) Install the 1” pipe through an exterior wall. (Fig. 15)
  14. Install a 1” male coupler with a 1” screw-on cap on the outside wall
    Note: When selecting an area for the pump outline it will need to be in an excessable area for the waste pickup service company.
  15. Locate the air vent outlet on the holding tank. (Fig. 16)
  16. Attach a 1” line to the air vent outlet on the holding tank. Install 1” pipe through an exterior wall.
    Note: Or connect to the building sewer vent. See section 2 on the following page if installed through the exterior wall use the vent cap that is supplied

Only if an exterior wall is NOT available pump-out line.

  1. Install a 1” pipe with a screw-in plug approximatly 6” in length onto the holding tank. (Fig. 14 )
  2. Vent pipe - Two available options
    Option 1: Attach the 1” vent pipe to the building sewer vent pipe.
    Option 2: Attach a charcoal filter to the vent pipe outlet on the holding tank. (Fig. 16)
    Note: A charcoal filter can be purchased from the manufacturer.

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