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Anterior Quest | Amalgam Waste

Anterior Quest staff arrives at the office and removes amalgam waste from the containment system.

Anterior Quest knows how messy and inconvenient dealing with filters or other amalgam separators can be. This is why we provide a hands off solution for the dentist and their staff. No more handling and changing out filters that leave behind a mess and odor.


The amalgam waste is then transported via an Anterior Quest truck back to a centralized treatment facility.

All of this is done without disruption to the dental office and without contact to the actual waste itself.

The amalgam waste is carefully and precisely processed to remove all Mercury to satisfactory levels.

Mercury is removed to levels of .0002 mg/L or lower. The level of .0002 mg/L is considered non-detectable by EPA Method 245 and is then released back to the cities water. Anterior Quest is currently the only company pioneering this process and meets every federal, state and local legislation. All water is tested by outside sources to ensure that only clean water is being released from our facility.

Anterior Quest strives to go above and beyond expectations.

This process is ahead of it's time and gives dentists the opportunity to rid themselves of the hassle of dealing with the amalgam waste, and the paperwork that goes along with it. With an Anterior Quest system you are not only complying with regulations by capturing 100% of the amalgam waste, you are also helping in the process of providing tens of thousands of gallons of clean Mercury free water that has been recirculated back into the city water supply.