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Anterior Quest | AQ-Solution Financial Benefits

Product Cost

AQ Solution used twice weekly comes out to just over a dollar per cleaning. This makes AQ solution 40-50% less expensive than many other mainstream cleaners and much more effective.

Lost suction pressure

The Vacuum system is the heart of a dental clinic, while the vacuum lines are the veins. Using a standard chemical line cleaner, or less effective microbial line cleaner, can causes blockage inside the vacuum lines. This can potentially lead to the vacuum shutting down, which is a heart attack for the dental clinic. AQ-Solution helps breakdown, dissolve, and liquify the organics and solids that cling to the vacuum lines. Less solid buildup on the vacuum line walls means less stress on your vacuum, leading to greater longevity and productivity.

Less service cost

Unforeseen expenses such as dental technician and plumber calls add up over time. AQ solution works overtime inside your vacuum lines to help keep those calls from happening. With AQ solutions microbial and enzymatic formulation, those solids that use to require a plumber to flush them out are now broken and dissolved so they easily flow through the offices system.

Extended Warranty

With AQ-Solution effectiveness is guaranteed. That is why Anterior Quest offers an extended warranty for our Amalgam Containment System for as long as an office uses AQ-Solution.