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Anterior Quest | AQ Solution

AQ-Solution is the most complete, environmentally friendly evacuation line cleaner on the market!

AQ-Solution integrates the best microbial and enzymatic science with clean recycled water from dental facilities, that would have been considered wastewater if not for Anterior Quest recycling capabilities. AQ-Solution not only saves offices money with the cost of the product, but also lowers the amount of cleaning that needs to be performed. Along with boosted suction pressure, AQ-Solution will increase the longevity of the vacuum.

Directions for use

Environmentally Friendly

AQ-Solution is the only evacuation line cleaner on the market that can claim to be manufactured with recycled water that comes from the industry it is trying to help. Hundreds of thousands of gallons have been captured, transported, and recycled to bring dental facilities the most environmentally friendly line cleaner on the market. In addition to the recycled water, AQ-Solution uses a combination of microbes and enzymes to help breakdown and remove the organic waste that causes blockage in vacuum lines. The helpful “bugs” are safe to the touch yet strong enough to breakdown some of the most resilient organic and solid material.

Reduction in cleaning traps

Dental facilities need to clean or replace their chairside traps. It is not a pleasant job, as the traps collect organic waste which causes odors, making the traps sticky and slimy. Many dental facilities have to change their chairside traps weekly. Not only is it time consuming and a nasty job but it also gets expensive: paying for the old trap to get recycled and a new one to take its place. With AQ-Solution, the microbial and enzymatic formulation breaks down and liquifies the organics allowing them to pass through the system instead of collecting in every crack and crevice. Offices using AQ-Solution report reducing their chairside trap cleaning from weekly to once every few months, saving offices time and money.

Why use AQ-Solution?

More effective than a chemical line cleaner.

For years, chemical line cleaners have been the standard in evacuation line cleaners. It was an easy answer for some quick disinfection and an attempt to minimize the constant threat that organics and solids play in shutting down the vacuum in a dental facility. However, technology continues to evolve and better solutions present themselves. AQ-Solution is that new technology. AQ-Solution does not simply disinfect and minimize organic buildup, it eliminates it. Our microbes and enzymes are specifically formulated to dissolve and liquify the types of organics and solids a dental clinic produces. Allowing for the vacuum to experience less strain, vacuum pressure to rise, and the vacuum itself to run for a longer period of time without being serviced.

100% Recycled

AQ-Solution is the only product on the market that is made with 100% Recycled Dental Waste. AQ-Solution uses recycled water from Anterior Quest’s Hg Containment System to produce a high quality natural evacuation line cleaner. AQ-Solution is formulated from all natural ingredients, eliminating any chemical risk to office staff during application.

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