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Anterior Quest | Testimonials

With the old amalgam separating system, we were constantly battering clogged filters and drains. This was leading to a loss of suction in our operatories. There was also the hassle and danger of contamination while changing filters and servicing the old system. The local waste water treatment facility was still targeting us as a source of heavy metal contamination.

All of the above issues have been eliminated with the installation of your simple containment system. The equipment has functioned flawlessly. Your ability to access the system from the exterior has allowed for no interference of our day to day office operations.

The fact, that having your system exempts us from the new federal regulations, is also a big plus. I would highly recommend your services to any office moving towards compliance.

Tim R. Meade

Allendale, MI

We would like to thank Dave Brandsen at Anterior Quest for helping us to make our choice between an Amalgam Separator system and a Amalgam containment system. In January of 2012 we wanted to bring our office into compliance with the upcoming Michigan Law mandating the installation of amalgam separators. The deadline was December 31st, 2013. We were researching the separator systems and were getting a lot of mixed information while becoming more confused . Thankfully we were contacted by Anterior Quest. They changed our thinking and convinced us that the right thing to do for the practice, environment and the bank account was Amalgam Containment. We purchased the system in May of 2012 and were up and running shortly after. Anterior Quest handled the entire process!! The installation was smooth. The unit was installed in an area of the office that is completely out of the way. Evacuation of the system is done from outside of the building by Anterior Quest . We do not need to be present when they evacuate the system. They manifest a record of every gallon they pick up and drop off and are monitored regularly by the DEQ. Our only responsibility is to monitor the system weekly by looking at 2 gauges. We had one minor issue in the past 4 years. We called Anterior Quest and Dave answered the phone personally! He sent our AWESOME service technician Nate Koster and he fixed the problem immediately!! We no longer had a warranty on our system but they did not charge us a penny!!

A quality product and superior service and friendly to the environment!!

We were so excited to hear about the waste recycling plant and their new product AQ- Solution!! The solution is made with 100% recycled dental water!! We recently started to use the product and will give feedback on the results!!

Dr. Kozeko

Harborside Dental Team
Traverse City, MI

Switching all 11 offices from a filter/collection system. "The conversion over to you folks has been great! Many of our clinic managers have commented that it's one less thing to worry about!

Paul Seubert

Chief Financial Officer
Dental Associate, Wauwatosa, WI

It is the most revolutionary and total amalgam containment system on the market that guarantees 100% removal of Mercury and amalgam from dental wastewater.

Dr. Todd Christy

Doctor of Dental Surgery
Berrien Dental, Berrien Springs, MI

…I feel that the system is extremely cost-effective if the goal is to remove dentistry’s contribution to Mercury in the environment, the system is so simple

Dr. John E Garrison

Doctor of Dental Surgery
Spring Lake, MI