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Anterior Quest | Amalgam Waste Disposal Best Practices

A former EPA study discovered that almost 50% of the mercury found in public wastewater treatment systems comes from dental offices. Does your office contribute to this problem?

Our HG Containment System Removes 100% of Solids

When mercury and amalgam waste disposal is mishandled, it can be released into the environment. Whether sent to landfills or incinerators, or when used as fertilizer, mercury can be emitted into the air, water, or ground. As a result, there is a risk of people inhaling harmful mercury vapors and having negative effects on their nervous, digestive, and immune system. Anterior Quest aims to protect people and the environment from these dangerous emissions with our HG Containment System. While regulations only require you to have an amalgam waste disposal process that removes 95% of solids, we go above and beyond to deliver a solution that contains 100%.

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Amalgam Waste Disposal Best Practices

In addition to using a containment system, here are some other best practices to follow when taking care of amalgam in your office: When cleaning your wastewater lines, don’t use any cleaners that contain bleach or chlorine, but instead use a cleaner that minimizes the dissolution of amalgam. For example, our all-natural AQ-Solution, which is made entirely from recycled dental waste, breaks down and digests amalgam deposits rather than flushes them out. If you do have to dispose of it, do not ever dump amalgam waste down a sink or toilet, and as much as possible, you should try to recycle the waste rather than dispose of it at all. In addition to being safer for the environment, it protects you from any potential fines.

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Anterior Quest is Committed to Preserving the Environment

We at Anterior Quest take amalgam waste disposal very seriously. That’s why we have created, and continue to create, products dedicated to helping your office safely and efficiently get rid of amalgam and mercury waste. If you have more questions about safe handling or our products, give us a call today!

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Anterior Quest guarantees your compliance by containing and removing 100% of the Mercury and amalgam from your patient wastewater.

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